KCO off ice skates

KCO off ice skates

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De skate onderstellen van de firma Off-Iceskates

We know them as 'The 2 Karens' – Karen Coombes and Karen O'Neill – the co-inventors of Off-Ice Skating.

Karen Coombes has been an ice skater since she was 8 years old, turning professional and performing in numerous ice shows. Over the years she was concerned to see the decline Karen Coombes and Karen O’Neill – the co-inventors of Off-Ice Skatingin the number of ice rinks around the country and knew she had to do something to keep the thrills, skills and experience of ice skating alive forever!

Working with Karen O'Neill at a large London leisure centre, ‘the Karens’ started to develop a skate which would enable you to experience everything you normally do on ice – but without ice!

In 2006 'Dancing on Ice' started on TV and there was a nationwide resurgence in people wanting to get on the ice – but where could they go? So for the next couple of years, ‘the Karens’ worked on perfecting an inline skate which would mimic an ice skate and in time the ‘Off-Ice Skate’ was born!

The Off-Ice Skate is completely different from a normal inline skate/rollerblade. It has a uniquely shaped rockered effect chassis, which mimics an ice skate blade. This means that at any one time you are balancing on no more than two wheels. The specially designed wheels have chamfered edges. And at the front there is a toe rake. You can even balance on one wheel and all these elements combine to enable the skater to do jumps, spins, and all the manoeuvres usually performed on ice. Whilst the starter skates come with medium performance bearings, as you become more proficient you can upgrade to elite bearings to give you more speed. You can also add side skids so you can even perform drags.

In 2009 'the 2 Karens' presented on TV’s Dragons Den.

Off-Ice Skating had arrived! A new sport has been born!

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